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Is Yoga for me?

BENEFITS:  Still your mind.  Reduce stress.  Watch your body open & grow.  Become more flexible & balanced. Be stronger, yet graceful.  Enjoy better breathing & more energy.  Know calmness & deep relaxation.  Feel the connection between breath, mind & body to create balance in your life.

With a warm & encouraging approach to teaching yoga, Cae aims to make it accessible to all ages & levels of student- beginners to experienced, children & teenagers to adults & elderly.

Finding new ways to move & stretch is an enjoyable trip to better health!

Mobile Private 1-2-1or group classes for you 

Private 1-to-1 or Group Yoga. Booked on request in Ilfracombe or Bristol.

Prices: 1hr £35 / 1.5hr £50 / 4-class package £120/£180. Include a friend £5 extra pp per class.

The beauty of a 1-to-1 class is to focus on you, your individual goals & personal development.  After an initial consultation and warm-up class together, we tailor make a yoga package for you...a home practice that you love, understand & can dedicate to.  

For group classes I offer a mobile service for you & your friends, so you can have a class at home, on the beach or at your holiday let....perfect for your break, hen-do or wedding.  Massage service available too!

Timetable 2024

Our exciting timetable expand for you to enjoy!
Plus Coming Soon....our wonderful Spring Yoga & Poetry Writing Retreat 3-5th May (see Retreat Page)

GLOW YOGA   5.30pm - 6.15pm  Mondays weekly  (Starting 2nd October!)

@ Aleafia Wellness Centre, Gammon Street,  Barnstaple, EX31 1DJ

Energising class with salutations & uplifitng postures to help you feel vital, and bright! 

Increase stamina, flexibility, strength, balance and body tone. 

GO SLOW & GLOW YOGA  6pm-7.30pm Thursdays (monthly class)

DATES: 22nd February / 21st March / 18th April 2024 £15 drop-in / £12 in advance OR £35 for all 3.

@ Body Aware Pilates Studio, 155 High Street, Ilfracombe, EX34 9EZ.

Pure' You' Time to deeply relax and let go.....

Combining gentle stretching & salutations with self-acupressure techniques, guided relaxation and the soothing touch  of Thai Massage from Cae for each student at the end of  session. 


Call or email Cae on 07794 562455 to book your class. Or get in touch for more information.

Future Class Information

VINYASA FLOW YOGA (MORNING & EVENING):  A fluid combination of breath, salutations & postures.  A moving meditation to re-balance & re-align yourself physically & emotionally.  All levels welcome.

BEGINNERS YOGA: For those wishing to try yoga for the first time in a comfortable, safe & relaxed environment. Just come with enthusiasm & feel supported!

ASHTANGA YOGA: A dynamic practice following a set series of salutations & asanas inspired by Pattabhi Jois.  This is a teacher-lead class. Although challenging, with regular practice so beneficial for everyday stress & health.

STRETCHY 'GLOW FLOW' YOGA:  Radiate your inner glow in this restorative, slow class.  Come enjoy gentle salutations, deep stretching, breath work, self-acupressure & massage techniques. A calm class helping adults de-stress & find stillness within. 

YOGA NIDRA RELAXATION:  A guided meditation also known as 'yogic sleep' or 'effortless relaxation'.  Students lie down, tune inwards & listen to the teacher guiding the visual relaxation session.  Pure bliss & stillness.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for friends & family, plus Mobile Massage & Yoga Clinics for celebrations, weddings and also in the workplace.

Other classes

I offer a range of other classes which are currently not part of my weekly timetable. If you are looking for any of these classes please do get in touch for further info and to find out when they'll be available.

Kid’s Yoga  (4-10 year olds):  A fun & imaginative chance for children to explore their yogic potential whilst laughing, dancing, playing & singing! Classes incorporate poses, breathing, meditation & relaxation techniques, yoga games & group acrobatics. Help kids interact, feel confident & calm. For happy, healthy, blossoming kids!

Stretchy ‘Go Slow’ Yoga: A restorative, slow flow class combining gentle salutations with deep stretching, acupressure & Thai massage. Ease into the weekend calmly in this grounding, nourishing class.

Runners & Cyclists Yoga: From cycling to work or enjoying your daily runs, this class helps you relax tired muscles, develop core strength, flexibility & coordination and encourage better breathing for healthier lungs. A great support in preparation for marathons & races. 

Partner Yoga: Explore your practice with the support of another. Tuning into each other’s pace & ability by communicating, sharing & experiencing a pose together. This union creates strength, confidence & trust expanding our potential to work deeply. Two professional teachers assist students to create a safe, friendly environment.

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